What Am I To You? [Jikook]

What Am I To You? [Jikook]

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Kim Yoona By jikook_af Updated Aug 20

Jungkook was so called a nerd but he's not. He just likes to read books and he read really a lot even though he's school football team captain. 
But books was the reason he met someone to love.

" Hey, Kook. Have you finished reading to "Goodbye"?" He asked. 

" Nope. Just a few more pages. Why?"

" Nothing. Just asking. I have finsihed it though." He grinned. 

" Shushhh.. I don't want you to say anything about it and let's go to sleep." I said as he laughed.

" The ending was sad. Goodnight!" He spoiled it. Fuck him. 

" You just spoiled everything!" I said while still hitting. 

As he just laughed. 


" I'll be back in 2 years time. I promise."

" Please do come back. I miss you so much."

This book contains a lot of strong words and actions. 

Genre : Fluff, angst and a little bit of smut.

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this is me, the only difference is that i read on my phone😂