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Mayhem in the theather (HTTYD fanfic)

Mayhem in the theather (HTTYD fanfic)

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Vala411 By Vala411 Updated Dec 14, 2016

Welcome everyone to a fanfic co-writen by RedHawkdude, and I. (It will be posted on both of our profiles) Here we will be taking the cast of HTTYD to watch their futures. Come join, and watch the dragons comment on the movie. Copious amounts of hilarity throughout the story, and we see why Snotlout should never ever touch a  remote. (Will be updated every sunday)

P.S. This story is already completed so no worries about discontinued fics or late updates.

*sighs* I wish I had a mute remote. Sadly, my friend does and she threatens to mute me whenever I over-exuberantly text her... *glares at sumi*
                              Sumi: Don't make me mute you! 
                              me: SEE???
I'm just imagining you two being total gansta's and going and sitting protectively on either side of tiny Hiccup be like "bruh" 
                              dying from laughter now
looking back at the comments its like high five, fist bump, hug. 
                              Well, that escalated quickly. (not I've just always wanted to say that XD )
FearIessAstrid FearIessAstrid Dec 10, 2016
What is Drago doin' here??
                              *secretly plans to sharpen my axe for good measure*
- - Sep 09, 2016
Why did this name reminded me of Hawk Moth
                              ... I'm so stupid😑
Fishfan Fishfan Sep 22, 2016
I think you are enjoying the unerversal remote just a tad bit much