Common Wattpad Stupidity

Common Wattpad Stupidity

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penny. By pennyroyaltears Updated 2 days ago

Wattpad is a great place to get recognition for your writing!


     Is that right? Well, maybe if you write One Direction fanfictions, clichés, and abusive romance. In that case, your fame will come over night.

     Are you tired of seeing the same lousy bullshit here on Wattpad? Look no further. I'm here to blow off some steam with you. (; 

     Yes, this is a rant book. It is not meant to offend anyone. It is all opinion-based, so don't get your panties in a twist. I will also be discussing how to create characters, plots, eye catching covers/titles, and many more things. 

     So, enjoy and happy ranting, my friends!

Holy sh!t does he sparkle in the sunlight?!?!  LOL twilight needs to die (please don't kill me)
@AmbergrusJane @CelesticShadow @DickyHerliansyah If I'm not wrong, it is based on your updating speed. Update everyday and you stand a high chance of making it on that list
You are right, most of the books on here are all the same and although some of them are really good it is nice to see some originality.
soshani soshani Oct 14
When you have to go back and question if everything you've written is clichéd after reading this chapter. Lol
Is it bad that i actually like reading these kind of stories lmao
I'm with you. I think that's also due to a lot of people on here being young. We do need variety.