Mori X Reader

Mori X Reader

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Your parents move you from Japan's country side to Tokyo, the busiest city in Japan because they want her to train with a world famous Karate and Kendo trainer. 

This means new school, living alone, and new friends. Her new school happens to be Ouran Academy, where she meets one of her friends from the dojo. 

(This story is based off my other book of preferences and imagines so if it seems familiar that's why)

Burned! I'm so happy that even in books I'm still a KUUDERE type of person...cuz in reality I'm a KUUDERE type...
BaybieGyal BaybieGyal Jul 31
boi if you don't -
                              Haruhi : Don't do it Rose , don't roast him like that 
Lmao I want a guy who is tall cause I was 5'6" when I was ten now I'm older so I will grow more
BaybieGyal BaybieGyal Jul 31
Rose: I love it when your forceful daddy ..
                              Mori: 0.0
Hey, I heard there is a store that has a sale. It's 50% off of a life, you should get one!
                              Tamaki what princess
                     interrupted my music prepare to die*punches tamaki