The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer

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Maddie By LarryZiamPhanGirl Updated Sep 18, 2017

"His name is Seto..

And rumor says.. He's the Sorcerer. "

There's a new boy at Yuicho High School.. His name is Seto. Everyone is in awe of this mysterious boy. He's always the first one to school, and the last one home. Nobody sees him arrive. Nobody sees him leave.

He's always wearing the exact same thing. A black shirt with a funny looking red face on it, black skinny jeans, a silver crown-looking head piece, and a purple cloak. How he doesn't get dress coded is another mystery. 

If that's not strange enough.. His eyes, which are a chocolate brown, will randomly change to a rich purple throughout the day, with no explanation whatsoever. 

..And he never takes off that bracelet. That glowing bracelet. 

Curious, a group of boys try to befriend him and learn his secrets, and what truly makes him special.. And, find out, of course, if he's the Sorcerer everyone's been talking about.

[Cover Artist: LyraTheWolf1 of Wattpad]

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Pluviaphilia Pluviaphilia Jul 24, 2016
THAT PICTURE IS A HOMESTUCK BASE. okay I'm sorry I'll see myself out
_AwkwardShipper_ _AwkwardShipper_ Jun 27, 2016
I think you should do what ever you want for the first question and for the second one I think you should continue on with the story. (But in all honesty it's what ever you want to do for your story) :)
spaced_nerd spaced_nerd Jun 27, 2016
I'm guled to your books
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Sammy_hunter Sammy_hunter Jun 27, 2016
You should continue this one, I'm really curious on what your planning to do, and short semi frequent. And when u get done with this one, !maybe you could do the others? What ever you want :3