Wrong But Right. kth x jjk

Wrong But Right. kth x jjk

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Jeon jungkook is 18 years old and is known in his school for fucking literally anyone he wants and gets with anyone he wants, not to mention him being the most attractive guy in the school. When his father, after 4 years since his wife left him and jungkook, he fell in love once again and got remarried to Mrs. Kim. Jungkook  couldn't care less about his fathers marriage, but little did he know that Mrs. Kim had a son that jungkook used to be really close with when he was younger..

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My highschool is for nerds wtf the most crazy thing we do is read gay smut
Same, but for me i almost type yoonmin whenever i'm typing a word that has "yoon" in it
Porsche eh? 😏
                              Hey lil Porsche~  I wanna try ya... Soz I just had to sing