Our Game ||| Vkook / Taekook

Our Game ||| Vkook / Taekook

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Park Yu By Pinkkeyysxx Updated 6 days ago

"Let's play a game bunny. If you moan I win"

Daddy kink

Slight BDSM

Rated M

That's normal. Like me and my classmates always say deep things about love when almost all of us are single.
When at first i really really thought that it was a top kook. But its okay since im cool with top tae
Can you video it and send it to me pretty please with a cherry on top of T.O.P?!
Where's your house here in hell? Can't find you. I'm here next on Satan's
swaggeryoongs swaggeryoongs 3 days ago
                              Me to Yoongi: Prove It *Sits down grabs phone presses record sips tea* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
Woah woah, wait- Yoongi? Slightly taller? Not to be rude tho