You're My World. (HetaliaXReader)

You're My World. (HetaliaXReader)

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~•Anime Author•~ By AnimeAuthor1 Updated Aug 01

*Sigh* Do you ever wish that you could enter the crazy world of Hetalia? Meeting all of those countries would just be a dream come true. But alas, we are in reality and it is impossible for us to enter that dimension of Hetalia or anime in general... Again. 

What if I told you, your so called 'dream' had actually come true? Except before you even knew that you had one. What happened and when did it happen? Well, there is only way to find the answer to that... Right?

Hasta La Pasta!

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YESSSSS finnaly had the time to read it and omg this is amazing :D
I remember hearing the first part of this in a YouTube video I was watching (Shut up and sleep with me America) this made me die laughing!!
Peetty sure i also blacked out for a good 3 minutes due to lack of air.... from laughter
gomii_ gomii_ Jun 25
*^* we all know america was about to do the hitler salute thing honestly
I remember watching that video on repeat and having the song and image stuck in my head all week.😂
Nyo_Sailor Nyo_Sailor Jul 16
Ah yes i remember the first time i started watching it.....
                              Now i can never get out of the fandom