You're My World. (HetaliaXReader)

You're My World. (HetaliaXReader)

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*Sigh* Do you ever wish that you could enter the crazy world of Hetalia? Meeting all of those countries would just be a dream come true. But alas, we are in reality and it is impossible for us to enter that dimension of Hetalia or anime in general... Again. 

What if I told you, your so called 'dream' had actually come true? Except before you even knew that you had one. What happened and when did it happen? Well, there is only way to find the answer to that... Right?

Hasta La Pasta!

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Don't worry. That's a normal ritual when anime god comes and takes your soul.
Eheheh before hetalia I knew that France gave America the statue of Liberty....This anime is for me because  I've loved history!
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Tayka17 Tayka17 Mar 20
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                              Who remembers this XD?
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WhereDaTeaAt WhereDaTeaAt 3 days ago
MAMA MIA HERE I GO AGAIN MY MY JUST HOW CAN I RESIST YA! (sorry had to put a mama mia reference)