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Champagne Bruises ↠ Jessica Stanley

Champagne Bruises ↠ Jessica Stanley

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ℛ By seIcouth Updated Jun 30

❝He broke my heart, nothing poetic about it. He clenched it in his evil hands and wouldn't let go until I was ruined.  He was troubled, twisted, couldn't blame himself. He knew it was true. I shouldn't care but I do. Agony or emptiness? Do I have to choose? If 'I love you' is all that matters, then why do I have to lose?❞
                      After him and his brother, Jasper, are led to the Cullens by Alice Cullen; Adam Whitlock could only imagine his life getting better from that moment forwards. 
                      Instead of living peacefully for the rest of forever with his family, Adam was warped by the leaders of their kind - the Volturi - into a weapon and then was returned to the Cullens as soon as he was found un-useful to their plans. 
                      Coming back cold and disinterested with humans and immortal life in general, Adam surrendered himself into the loneliness of his heart. Starving himself and smoking through pack after pack of cigarettes to feel the ash burn against his indestructible skin. 
                      But when his adoptive brother, Edward, starts to show interest in a brown eyed play-thing named Bella Swan.
                      Adam finds his interest peaked to a point he never thought was possible for the town's gossip, Jessica Stanley - the only girl he seems to be un-immune for.
                      [ the twilight saga: twilight]
                      [ a adam whitlock - hale stand alone ]

HayleyBaily03 HayleyBaily03 Jun 26, 2016
I love this Idea and ita unique cant wait for updates!!!!!😉😉😉
-neighborhood -neighborhood Jun 26, 2016
this is so beautiful that im crying. THAT DESCRIPTION HOOKED ME. there is no going back
wylanvanecks wylanvanecks Jul 23, 2016
Why did I never get a notifcation that you posted a jessica fic like wtf wattpad