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Twice His Age

Twice His Age

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Taylor By tjpatton98 Updated Oct 24, 2016

Uneek Brown

"Baby are you okay?" Mason asked me as we walked to the car.

I shook my head no"Well what did they say?"he asked me as we got into the car.

"What do you think they said Mason?"i replied as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"Hell i don't know that's why i was asking you"

"I'm pregnant mason damn"i said as he pulled up in front of my house the clinic wasn't that far from it.

"Foreal?"i nodded in reponse.

"I don't know what the hell i'm going to do how am i going to tell my family that i'm pregnant by a damn minor!"i said as tears fell down my eyes.

"It's going be okay baby"he said pulling me into his arms as i cried.

"No the hell it's not what the hell are you going to tell your parents?"i said pulling myself out of his arms.

"I don't care what they do or say i'm going to be 18 soon so it's going to be okay"he said grabbing my chin pulling it towards him as our lips touched and was soon interrupted by someone banging on the window yelling and cursing.I turned to see...

EmmaGiffard EmmaGiffard Oct 22, 2016
It would be worth your while spending a little time getting to know the correct way to punctuate; I find it too difficult to read things that aren't punctuated properly, which is a shame as you have some good ideas for content.
SlimeeSosa SlimeeSosa Jan 11
I can already tell this book finna be bomb by the first chapter
sikkita17 sikkita17 Jan 02
Love is love... Even though she might go to jail.... But hey let them be
UnekaBrown UnekaBrown Sep 12, 2016
The Game can get it but he be looking like a crack head sometimes...kmsl That's still bae tho
sikkita17 sikkita17 Jan 02
Lorddddd why make him 17!!!!!!!??? Jesus take the wheel for I have sinned
FridaynightThrillz FridaynightThrillz Sep 07, 2016
Dis sum Maury shiiit right here gurrl ☕️🐸/ girl it's cool just pretend you don't know who the daddy is yea it will hurt yo rep but u can't hurt it more if you come out with that.