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Gravity Rises

Gravity Rises

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King Nida By King_Nida Updated Mar 20

Look At That Cover Art! That is the power of Wings, specifically BrightnessWings19. She made the cover for me, Thank You! Also art was made by Nelauk.
This Is A Gravity Rises AU. 
Twins Dipper and Mabel go to visit their great uncle Ford for Christmas brake at the Mystery Museum. They go looking for creatures and monsters, but they didn't deep down neither of them acctualy thought they would find anything too interesting. ...They were wrong. Come see what darkness lies beneath the town of Gravity Falls.

Here's a little expaination to those of you who don't know what Gravity Rises is. All main character's roles and personality's are swapped with with others. Dipper and Mabel's personality's are swapped, Gideon's and Pacifica's roles are swapped, Wendy's and Robbie's roles are swapped and Ford and Stan's roles are reversed (Stan was the one pulled in the portal and Ford is trying to get him back). Bill's personality is basically the same but... the situation he is in is somewhat different (Don't worry, you'll see). And Soos... Soos is the universal constant who Hold The Fabrics Of The Dimension Together! (AKA I didn't know who to revers him with when I started the story. Melody would have been the smart answer, but I only thought of that after six chapters in.) Any other charters will be explained later. If your still confused either ask me questions or Google it.

Sarox_Byakugo Sarox_Byakugo Jun 26, 2016
Quick Question, did you come up with this story or did you copy and past this from somewhere, I'm only asking because I know I read this before.
TheWolfAndTheHeart TheWolfAndTheHeart Oct 12, 2016
Twas the fight before Christmas. And all through the house all of the characters were stirring, and even the multi-bear. This may not rhyme as the characters tried to control the Museum was there in hopes that Bill Cipher soon won't be there.
I have a feeling there's gonna be shipping in this, I just have a feeling
TheWolfAndTheHeart TheWolfAndTheHeart Oct 12, 2016
Let me guess. Another Shadow Wraith. You DID say there was more than one.
yaoifanboy1 yaoifanboy1 Jan 02
Wait shouldnt it be great uncle stan. Since in gravity falls stan took Ford's name, so shouldn't it say visiting their great uncle Stanley.