In Love with a Murderer || Human!Gaster!Sans x Reader [ON HOLD]

In Love with a Murderer || Human!Gaster!Sans x Reader [ON HOLD]

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Just a random person full of laziness and randomness... By lazybutt4ever Updated Oct 25, 2016

Just an idea I've been playing around with. Hope y'all enjoy.

May contain swearing.

Cover and character credit goes to rightful owners.

UndertaleSinnerGurl UndertaleSinnerGurl Oct 25, 2016
I feel sooo not young XDDDD I'm just 16. Don't want to be an adult already XD ><
teabottle teabottle Aug 17, 2016
I can see the country we are currently in has no gun control policies. *sniff* I smell America.
Tsukiwana Tsukiwana Aug 31, 2016
Hello darkness- wait I rather be kiss by Sans then other random perv... Or other guy... Most likely XD
forgotten_7 forgotten_7 Aug 30, 2016
Well dang are you correct... haha.. don't look at my profile picture... hahaha...
beeps_a_lot beeps_a_lot Aug 11, 2016
I wonder if I sustained a horrible injury that made it so I could get out so soon? Lets find out xD
nyanmaru120703 nyanmaru120703 Jul 24, 2016
                              Sans : wha- oh a fan fict .
                              me : ye get lost