The Chance of a Lifetime

The Chance of a Lifetime

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Eli By EliManson Completed

Scarlet Farkas is just an ordinary she-wolf in the Winter Snow pack; she's an 18 year-old senior who's loved by many because of her "realness". She's also just a young girl at heart, still dreaming of finding her mate and to live happily ever after with him- but being rejected was not what she expected... especially from someone who means a lot to her.    

And just like any other rejected mate, she runs away from home, not bothering to even explain to her family and friends of her situation. And while running she stumbles upon the Nightstar pack- with a huge unexpected surprise... The fates have given her another mate.

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I'd just like to say I read this four years ago and I didn't remember shît about it and I wanted to read it today and I found it out of sheer fvcking luck and the fact that I searched everywhere for it
kenziebug2323 kenziebug2323 Apr 25, 2015
I don't even know who this is but I already love him what do I do!!!
TheWarsOfStars TheWarsOfStars Apr 21, 2015
I feel like i was watching a spanish telenovella with exaggerated plots while reading the prologue
HunterRaeV HunterRaeV Jul 20, 2014
Just started reading this, first time reading this, and I instantly think, why! WHY ABANDON HIM! He loves you!!
                              And that is just awesome!
StormyEyez StormyEyez Mar 03, 2014
I really liked this book, can't wait for the sequel to be completed
WistfulReader WistfulReader Feb 22, 2014
Not even a page in and I am already crying. I don't often cry while reading books, so I commend you! Great job portraying the emotional battle that the characters are going through.