Fifty shades of Malfoy.

Fifty shades of Malfoy.

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feedmemalfoy By feedmemalfoy Updated Oct 21, 2016

Hermione Granger, representative for the ministry of Magic. Her entire life has changed since graduating. She's taken on more difficult challenges in her life. However, she's sent to interview Mr. Malfoy. 

Draco Malfoy, the boy you didn't have a choice, the boy of many sorrow. His past constantly haunts him. The never ending nightmares that invade his mind. 

How could she mean so much to him? For his entire life was set around hating her? Especially for her blood status. How could he fall for her? To allow her into his dark heart? To show her the demons that live in his mind and swim in his dreams? 

 How will Hermione react to see Mr. Malfoy after all these years? Why is so attached to him? It's all his fault. All the years of taunting her and bullying others. Will she leave him? Or will she stay to unlock the light in his soul? 

More importantly, how will she survive his dominate side?

I_think_I_like_Draco I_think_I_like_Draco Dec 18, 2016
Omg this book exist I thought it was just a funny thing people talk about on 'Pregnant with Draco's baby' lol