Message Sent

Message Sent

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stac By Goldiplier Completed

Markiplier: hey babe 

Jacksepticeye: um.... who are you?

Markiplier: Mark? 

Jacksepticeye: wrong user bro

Markiplier: well shit.

Message Sent

completed series - 20,828 words
first book in the 'message' series
lowercase intended
other ships may be included such as ryan&matt (supermega) and felix&ken (pewdiepie) & (cinnamontoastken)

  • fischbach
  • jack
  • jacksepticeye
  • mark
  • markiplier
  • mcloughin
  • sean
  • septiplier
  • wattys2017
FlyingFreeYT FlyingFreeYT Sep 28, 2017
I usually don't ship people like this unless they are a couple but I SHIP THEM AHHH
saturnelliot saturnelliot Oct 23, 2017
when you try your best but you even up being more gay than you already are
NightshadeTheStealth NightshadeTheStealth Oct 13, 2017
Okay, so, I found the sequel first, so now I'm like, bitch, the titles are synonyms.
Suicidal_Cupcake2210 Suicidal_Cupcake2210 Dec 24, 2017
That pic is 😘😍💋😍 lovely
                              Jack is the BeSt BoYfRiEnD eVeR!
cyborgnoodle10 cyborgnoodle10 Dec 27, 2017
Dont kill me I don't even ship septipler anymore I'm just here do the ryatt
wwiibles wwiibles Feb 26, 2017
This is just a question, but wasn't there a third book? I wanted to reread them all but I can't find the third one...