Ugliest Professor [NamJin]

Ugliest Professor [NamJin]

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Kim Namjoon is the ugliest professor at Bulletproof University...

...or so they thought.

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WangxQueen WangxQueen 4 days ago
I never clicked so fast in my life lmao
                              i am JUNGSHOOK when  I said  KIM NAMJOON and Ugly in the same sentence.
                              I was about to spam  lmao but then I saw the rest and like ooooh  they about to be JUNGSHOOK when they find how hot he is lol
WangxQueen WangxQueen 4 days ago
😱go DADDY JOONIE on the plz 
                              but don't show them the DICKMONSTER in the sheets
NoWords33 NoWords33 4 days ago
Yes, I get way more confident when people insult me, I totally don't cry myself to sleep and wish for the sweat relief o death hehehehehe :'D
Sinston Sinston 6 days ago
                              TURN ON YOUR LOCATION, I JUST WANNA TALK
WangxQueen WangxQueen 4 days ago
wtf am I cause I'd turn him down lol 
                              plus his mind is too sexy
ihaveBTSFEVER ihaveBTSFEVER 2 days ago
I think these people need to see eye doctor, cuz all they keep seeing is themselves and nothing else. That's not a good thing.