Ugliest Professor [NamJin]

Ugliest Professor [NamJin]

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Kim Namjoon is the ugliest professor at Bulletproof University...

...or so they thought.

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AMKYgc AMKYgc Dec 29, 2016
Why did I laugh so hard while I  at an ADULT party? 😖😂
Candypanda Candypanda Dec 30, 2016
Idk why but in my head it seems like namjoon is a teacher at hogwarts lmao i definitely watched too much bts crack
chimsjam chimsjam Dec 30, 2016
tbh yoongi looks like a old saggy turtle but no offense yoogturtle
blacknails69 blacknails69 4 days ago
Yep despite his terrible personality he's a good guy thanks for those two completely contradicting statements
Yeah his facevis bothersome it distracts me from my sad reality and makes me smile. 
                               .. .. ... #I'dbegayforhimTBH