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Green is My Favorite Color- Draco x Reader

Green is My Favorite Color- Draco x Reader

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Just Another Writer By _Mrs_Draco_Malfoy_ Updated Jun 17

Malfoy and (Y/N) are an interesting pair. While (Y/N) is a quiet, book loving, muggle hating, pretty cold hearted person, and Draco usually takes interest in girls with quite opposite personalities, (apart from hating muggles) from the day he first saw her he knew she would be his. Where as (Y/N) is drawn to Draco, it will take her a little longer to realize that she truly does love him. Oh and look out for Year 4! That's when the real fun starts! Mwahhahahahahaha...

On pottermore my wand is 14' vinewood and a dragon thingy core (idk how to spell it xD please dont kill me)
-cchantal -cchantal Mar 29
OMG MY WAND IS VINEWOOD TOO! vinewood, phoenix feather core, and 16.25 inches!
NurImanz NurImanz Jan 10
Mine is an acacia wood with a phoenix feather core 12 3/4 inches and brittle flexibility
vanvaneeks1983 vanvaneeks1983 Dec 10, 2016
mine is English Oak Wood, 13 3/4 inches, Unicorn hair core and slightly springy flexibility...
                              and oh! did i bumped to draco?
stardustsilver stardustsilver Dec 27, 2016
my wand is alder wood, 15 inches, phoenix tail feather core and slightly springy flexibility. yay
JuJuBean192829 JuJuBean192829 Oct 30, 2016
No Mrs. Is if your married Ms. Is if your a *turns on radio* ALL THE SINGLE LADIES ALL THE SINGKE LADIES PUT CHO HANDS UP