Peasant | A Phan AU

Peasant | A Phan AU

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Ashrudel is a highly respected kingdom. The rulers have two healthy sons, Martyn and Philip. But when the king gets fatally sick, the queen forces her sons to marry a princess of their choosing. Each day is filled with strenuous trials, training, and more. Philip never felt an attraction towards girls, so every day has become torture for him. In a society that burns people at the stake for homosexuality, he knows it is crucial to keep that part about him a secret. Most days Philip sneaks out of the castle and into the village, seeing life from a normal person's perspective. But one day, he stumbles across a beautiful peasant named Daniel.


This story might be triggering!!! If you are sensitive to homophobic slurs and violence, please read at your own risk. Set place in the 1800s (which is also when the Disney movie "Tangled" takes place).

I really love this story and I just got notified that you updated it. I never clicked a notification so fast.
Wait the hell I thought this was a book can it be the first already I need this book in my life
I mean I'm lesbian so I'm down for that but I mean to each their own