Assistant / Joshler Smut

Assistant / Joshler Smut

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"I'm just your stupid assistant, Josh."

"You're more than an assistant to me, Tyler." 

Tyler works for this big company and he's Josh's assistant. They start a fling with each other but it soon turns into something more. 

Crossed with romance and smut (obviously). 

I like having romance in my books even if it's just smut. Okay? Okay. 

Smut. And lots of it. 

(I would edit this but I really can't be fucked to do so, so just deal with it).

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Kink_Lemonade Kink_Lemonade a day ago
This is only the 10th time this story has mentioned it.  Did you guys know that josh fückéd half on the company?
I have no patience how tf could he wait patiently for thAt 
                              I'm confusing bye
Me when I pee my pants and get in trouble 😭 kidding kidding well not really my dad tickled me and my dingdong couldn't hold it
I've read a fanfic similar to this but it was the other way around and I think I like this way better
I honestly hate cheating SO much but I can handle reading things like this as long as its fan fiction.... Cheating is not okay my dudes...besides this looks like a good story
Why did I imagine josh looking like he looked when they went to the grammys