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Pranksters Unleashed (Karma Akabane x Reader)

Pranksters Unleashed (Karma Akabane x Reader)

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3-E's unknown Assassin By GryffindorQuidditch1 Updated Oct 31, 2016

Karma Akabane and y/n l/n. 2 very famous names at Kunigigaoka junior high. Being the deliquented pranksters they are, they landed a spot in E class. With these 2 students in his class, Koro-Sensei needs to keep his guard up at all times. Moments will be shared with the class, but how will it all end?
I will just update whenever a chapter is done so... irregular updates!
Y/n- your name
L/n- last name
N/n- nickname 
H/c- hair colour
F/c- favourite colour
Also, Keiko Akabane and Nachika Shiota are my OCs. So they are the only things I own. Everything else belongs to their rightful owner.

InsanityXxXPrincess InsanityXxXPrincess Nov 30, 2016
First fanfic I've seen where Karma and the Reader is already together but at least I get to prank people!
                              And nice reaction.. 0^0 ITS SO KAWAII
TobiJakovljevic TobiJakovljevic Jul 09, 2016
I really like this it's different from all the other Karma x Reader stories that I read, what I mean is that this is the first one when Karma and reader are already together and reader is a prankster so I really like that. Anyways keep up with the awesome work I really like it 😊
InsanityXxXPrincess InsanityXxXPrincess Nov 30, 2016
Yeah but remember what Nagisa said on the first page? Nagisa: Karma is nice and innocent but only around to reader-chan.
                              Remember? So that answers your question why Karma is soooooo O.O.C
She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen and god help anyone who dared disrespect his queen
Seeing Karma with tears is like seeing kitten rolling on the floor. WHAT I MEAN IS THAT HES DAMN ADORABLE.