The Mark of An Alpha | 1

The Mark of An Alpha | 1

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1800SLEEPYBOY By -loserinabox Updated Nov 24, 2016

[Book One of the Crescent Creek Series]

I couldn't stay. Even if I truly wanted too, which I did, I couldn't. If I didn't stay on the run, they'll find me and take me back just so they could force me into marrying Alpha Alba, and I certainly didn't want that.

"If you know that we're mates, then why do you chose on going and not staying here. . .with me?" He asked, his expression hurt, that made me ache. But, I had to push aside that feeling if had to leave. I couldn't get attached. Which was getting harder by the second.

"It's not that I don't wanna stay, it's just that I can't." I was about to make my leave, but stopped once I felt a strong hold on my wrist, making me gasp as sparks ran up my arm and down my spine in complete pleasure.

I faced Hyman and gulped in fear. His once turquoise eyes were now a dark brooding black, his thick brows knitted in anger, and his chiseled jaw ticked. "You're not going anywhere." He growled, tightening his grip causing me to hiss in pain, but I held my ground.

"Yes I am." I argued, trying to get out of his hard grip or at least loosen it but didn't succeed at doing so.

"No you're not. I just found you, and I'll be damned if you're just gonna run off. You're mine." His voice was cold and strong, that held so much power and authority.

* *

Mikel is the son of the Beta of the Winter Night Pack. He runs away when he found out he'll be forced into marrying his Alpha. He thought he'll never see him again, and he could live a life as a rouge, but that all changes when he runs into the most powerful pack in the small town Crescent Creek; the Twilight Pack which is run by Alpha Hyman who also happens to be his possessive mate.

[Warning: Mpreg, Violence, Sexual Themes]

MissBonnett MissBonnett Oct 11, 2016
Oh sh*t!! Haha I'm so glad I don't have to wait to see the next chapter. I'm having fun being in Mikal's. You've got a great writing voice
MissBonnett MissBonnett Oct 11, 2016
Now that's the way to start a book. I'm eager to see where this goes!