Burn // NH

Burn // NH

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Everyone has that one aching desire to be told that it's them. That they are the one you choose.

 But, what I've come to learn is that one of the hardest decisions a person will ever make in life is choosing to walk away or to try harder. 

So maybe that is why she looked so distraught as she stood at the top of my staircase, stripped of all dignity; tears lined her rosy cheeks, her messy curls cascading down her bare back as her silk robe fell down her pointed shoulders. It was as if she didn't know what to do with herself. As if I'd just told her that the world was ending and no one was safe. 

I don't think either of us were expecting this. Not so soon, anyways. 

"So you're just going to walk away?" Her words lingered in the air, stuck on some invisible line to dangle above my head until I was able to find the right words to deteriorate them. "You're a fucking coward, Niall Horan." 

And there they were. The first words of hatred spat out at me. I was actually surprised that I hadn't heard them earlier. I figured that would've been her first go to. Not the silent treatment.

"Maybe I am, baby, but we all have our own issues." I stated calmly, glancing up at her from the under the balcony. "You should know that first hand." 

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I have 2 beds for 2 people in my room and I don't know why either...
It would be nice if someone thought that I'm 4 years younger than I really am... but everybody always thinks that I'm older 😭
anahig19 anahig19 Jun 01
My highest gpa was a 3.8 that was like sophomore year it all went downhill after that
fake-blondie fake-blondie Jul 13, 2016
Once again I find myself reading one of your stories. I been missing the feeling, so glad and exited toward this new one.
midknightniall midknightniall Sep 29, 2016
she's not even that bad niall calm down and get that stick out ya a$$
jammele jammele Oct 06, 2016
Them cars are nice dont get me wrong but I would have thought he would have had a lamborgini or something