Loving you

Loving you

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JD By mewepewe Updated Jun 19

I felt dizzy and i felt i had the urge to hurl. So i ran outside and threw up. Turns out Mr.hotshot came to the rescue and held my hair.
"Ugh thank you"
"Alice please go home. Your sick"
"Well nope" i went back into the club and sat at the bar. Leaving Mr.Hotshot alone. I felt bad for doing that. I soon felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Look Mr.Adams im sor-"
I soon realized it wasnt Him.It was a tall guy who looked kinda creepy.
"Hey baby wanna dance?"
I shook my head "No thank you"
"Come on baby lets have some fun" he said as he took my wrist. 
"Sorry not intersted"
"Come on lets have some fun" he smirked as he tried to pull me. I tried pulling my hand but i couldnt. Then someone punched him in the face.
I looked up and it was him.

Alice Mackenzie is an innocent and average girl. She wants this dream job at Adams Enterprise. One of the most elite companies, she went to the interview one day and she was over qualified for the job. But Jamie Adams the CEO of this company didnt want to hire her. She felt saddness when he said he couldnt hire her, i mean this was her dream job. She wonders why he didnt want to hire her. On her way home she bumped into a guy, He saw her and thought she was drop dead goregous. What will happen to them? Why didnt he want to hire her? What will happen when they keep meeting eachother? What secrets is he keeping? Are jamie and aaron say who they really are?

(Sorry if theres any typos or any wrong grammar and for foul language)

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