How Can I Love You? (Jason X Reader X Michael)

How Can I Love You? (Jason X Reader X Michael)

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Cutie Dandere By Queen_Cutie_Senpai Completed

As an average teenager, you lounge around being lazy as usual. As the school's budget was plummeting, you were forced to spend your time at the cursed Camp Crystal Lake where the scary serial killer lives. Jason is your favorite killer along with Michael Myers. You never knew you were at this camp, until kids started disappearing. Completely oblivious to all of the tragic deaths and disappearances, you encounter the killer and he does not seem to harm you like how he does in the movies. He keeps you by his side. You start from not being afraid to head over heels in love with him and he likes you, too. You then get kidnapped and taken to Haddonfield for no reason because of you deadbeat dad who can't forget you. You then meet another man. What if another killer were to jump in this love triangle? Or will it be a love square? How will it end?

I don't own the serial killers. Or any character cameos that show up in this story. Just the plot, my own characters and love.

Enjoy and vote!!!!

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Rejection. I just know it's coming. It's so close, I can smell it. It smells like dying roses and rotting bodies.
Kadetso Kadetso Apr 17
Idk what kinda school you can get a 4.0 gpa in with As AND Bs..
LawrenceLChloe LawrenceLChloe Dec 08, 2017
Don’t you only get a 4.0 with straight A’s? I dunno how the grade system works, all I know is that’s what it was on Expelled (a movie with some viners and youtubers in it)
And also a slight smell of blood and depression, but that's probably just me.
Lol-im-so-random Lol-im-so-random Nov 23, 2017
Me: Oh really? Like you?
                              *Rachel blushes hard*
                              Me: ಥ_ಥ  wtf Rachel