the blonde new girl | lucaya

the blonde new girl | lucaya

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this is a story in which the crazy matthew's family meets maya hart. the matthew's include ava, the yougest, lucas friar the most popular jock in school aka riley's older brother. riley = cheer captain most popular girl in school.. well until a certain hart is introduced. anyway, in most stories the cheer captin and the quaterback date. well considering lucas and riley are siblings things are different. 
but still riley will do anything to keep her reputation.. that only lasts a while though. 

when i intentionally wrote this story it was suppost to be a "highschool" lucaya story but in the end.. it travelled all the way through college.

WARNING: if your a grammar police and mistakes and errors bother you, just know im not perfect nor am i the smartest gal, nor am i a professional writer,  so if it really bothers you i suggest you shouldnt read, and maybe just go BUY a book


STATUS; currently editing / complete

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I love Mean Girls references (I know it's the 2nd one)  and also solo bad ass
Rock_Star_Baddie Rock_Star_Baddie Aug 07, 2017
I'm loving it so far.....OMFG This story is the bomb.🙌🙌🙌🙌
littlexcarpenters littlexcarpenters Oct 30, 2017
oh my god, i followed you until i deleted my account! oh my god! i'm @little.carpenters
XoxJelsaLovedXox XoxJelsaLovedXox Oct 05, 2017
am I the only one who thinks heels are a bit too much, props to Maya for pulling them off. P.s. Just jealous, cause I don't have heels like those and If i did I would fall and break
                              p.p.s. That p.s was long am i right?
lizzygcamren lizzygcamren Jan 03, 2017
Even in this story Farkle is a sexist pig like in girl meets stem
gmwreader gmwreader Jan 23, 2017
I think it would be interesting for them to be rivals for once