the blonde new girl | lucaya

the blonde new girl | lucaya

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jaslyn By jaslyntumblr Updated Jun 23

The Matthews family is crazy, thers Lucas and his two sisters. Ava who is 6 and Riley. Riley is the most popular girl at school and her brother Lucas is the most popular guy. Riley is a cheerleader and Lucas is a football player. Farkle is Riley's boyfriend and Lucas's best friend. Lucas can have any girl at school. but he thinks there all the same, until a girl name maya. Maya was a bad girl (or is she?) she tries not to get attached because of her past. Maya loves sports ,to sing, to draw and to dance. What happens when Maya gets alot of attention. What happens when Riley finds out about this ( NEW GIRL) thats becoming more popular than her. What happens when Lucas and Maya have a thing and instead of Riley and Farkle being the hottest couple it changes to Maya and Lucas.

WARNING: if your a grammar police and mistakes and errors bother you, just know im not perfect nor am i the smartest gal, nor am i a professional writer,  so if it really bothers you i suggest you shouldnt read, and maybe just go BUY a book


I love Mean Girls references (I know it's the 2nd one)  and also solo bad ass
I'm loving it so far.....OMFG This story is the bomb.🙌🙌🙌🙌
zayslays zayslays Apr 26
Ava: Wucas, do wou wike Maya?
                              Lucas: Uh, no
                              Ava: LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!
Even in this story Farkle is a sexist pig like in girl meets stem
slaylorswifts slaylorswifts Dec 02, 2016
what do i think of riley?
                              THAT ----- BETTER GET OUT OF MY PRESENCE
gmwreader gmwreader Jan 23
I think it would be interesting for them to be rivals for once