The Mute

The Mute

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🌸 By Jilvontae Updated Jan 28

I sat in the small cramped space by the window in the attic tapping my fingers on the window pane. I wish I could be as free as the birds are to go where I want without consequences but that's all just a fantasy that'll never happen for me. I wish I could be like those beautiful women in the movies I've seen while scrubbing the hardwood floors of the pack house. 

      That still will never happen to me I won't even make my mates happy according to my alpha. In their eyes I'm just a useless omega who does nothing but take up space and doesn't even talk I communicate just not verbally. 

          I don't even cry when I get beatings guess that's another reason why the alpha hates me so much. He knows it happens because he does it sometimes but it's alright because soon everybody will know there is strength in being The Mute.

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Zahraa1123 Zahraa1123 Jun 20, 2017
I personally think her mate should have taken her parents as well
kamiangel1410 kamiangel1410 Nov 25, 2017
The light skins they kill my heart ❤️ 🤤🤤🤤😫😫😂😂
queen_bee2727 queen_bee2727 Jul 13, 2017
Oh my goodness! That part of the song was perfect for this scene. I saw the whole thing play out in slow motion in my mind. Especially the part where she was taken from her mother's arms. 😥😯😢😭
xriginal- xriginal- Mar 05
She has a horrible life I wish that fantasy was reality 😔
DreamingSnail DreamingSnail Jan 19, 2017
Okay! Hey Ms Author! I'm back! I will restart from the beginning! ❤️❤️❤️
DiamondLovesAugustAA DiamondLovesAugustAA Jul 27, 2016
OMFG this is very very different I can tell I'm going to like this