Bound To You #Wattys2017

Bound To You #Wattys2017

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Samantha Kane By WolfPrints Completed

"You don't know me Dean, you don't know what I've been though. So don't pretend to be my knight in shining armour you can't swoop in and try and save me, I'm too fucked up and too far gone." I spat at him before getting up and jogging away with Sargeant at my side. I felt Dean's hand on my arm spinning me around his green eyes were wild. 

"We're all fucked up Faye, every single one of us. Stop pushing me out I'm not the one that hurt you. I'm the one that will show you how to love if you let me. And maybe, just maybe you'll show me how to love too." He yelled at me at this point I had tears in my eyes. I grabbed a hold of Dean's cut and pulled him to my chest pressing my lips to his. He's not Matt. 

Faye is the daughter of the most feared MC leader in the states, everyone knew who her father was so when Faye went to collage to become a vet she told no one of who she really was. 7 years later she had graduated and came home to Boston. She was greeted with open arms and lots of change. Her fathers old V.P betrayed him so now Dean is the new V.P he is sexy and dangerous. Faye started to think she could have as normal life as she could until her ex boyfriend from collage finds her and brings back all the pain that Faye thought she left behind. 

I promise the book will be better than the disruption. Please read, enjoy, vote and comment.

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MaggieLiuKelly MaggieLiuKelly Mar 23, 2017
Psst, you mean Massachusetts or city line but y'know, Massachusetts way sounds better. Boston's nowhere near the state lines.