Magi「Various X Reader」(Magi Fanfiction) HIATUS

Magi「Various X Reader」(Magi Fanfiction) HIATUS

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❁ Characters x Reader // Various x Reader.

A book of Magi series. Including ; 

• Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
• Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
• Magi: Sinbad No Bouken

Please go to the first chapter for requests;

→  Oneshots

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→  What Ifs


Welcome to my first Magi fanfiction ! ^-^  I really love Magi hence I decided to create this book :) hope you enjoy reading this book ~ 

DISCLAIMER; I do not own Magi. But I do own the plots. 

[Start; Jun, 26th 2016] 

[Complete; . . . .]

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Is it possible for me to request a Titus x Fanalis! Reader? I'm so sorry if I did this incorrectly!!!
Milanaxkay Milanaxkay Jan 15
Would you be able to do judal x powerful! reader? Maybe something along the lines of reader beats judal in a match
hello5671 hello5671 Jan 14
My request is so weird (please don't judge me) how about a self harm reader and jafar.
Can you do a modern AU with Hakuren confessing to the reader?
NebuRin NebuRin Dec 23, 2016
Can you do
                              -What If: (Any character) are drunk?
                              -What if: (Any characters) are getting married to you?
                              -Scenarios: Confessing to you 
                              XD I'll request for a one-shot when they are open XD
Anime_Gurly Anime_Gurly Jan 15
Maybe Aladdin x Reader, where reader is injured protecting him?