Magi「Various X Reader」

Magi「Various X Reader」

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❁ Characters x Reader // Various x Reader. (Used to be a oneshots book, now accepting scenarios and what ifs ♡) 

A book of Magi series. Including ; 

• Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
• Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
• Magi: Sinbad No Bouken

Please go to the first chapter for requests;

→  Oneshots

→  Scenarios

→  What Ifs


Welcome to my first Magi fanfiction ! ^-^  I really love Magi hence I decided to create this book :) hope you enjoy reading this book ~ 

DISCLAIMER; I do not own Magi. But I do own the plots. 


[Start; Jun, 26th 2016] 

[Complete; . . . .]

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Hi!! So I just thought of a new one.
                              What if they saw you undressing?
sinbad X Wife! Reader who is the sweetest thing ever and hates when people hurt Sinbad or scold him. She prefers to talk things through then use violence.
Any angst with titus that has a fluffy ending please?(i don't mind what arc)
SeinSensei SeinSensei Oct 29
@cherurie (I understand though I think Magi's Wikia would provide you the needed information) THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! 😆😆😆
hiiruneii hiiruneii Nov 12
can i request again? i haven't seen any Armakan x Reader (Sharrkan's brother) can you do one? ^^" it's okay if you can't
SeinSensei SeinSensei Oct 27
Are requests still open? (please don't say it is please don't say it is please don't say it is please don't say it is please don't say it is)