Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

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Naya By nayababe Updated Nov 29, 2016

( Repost Of An Old Story )

At 30 years old Sanaa is determined to lose her virginity, but there's no one knocking down her door to change that. 

When her mother finally comes back into her life it is to Marry Sanaa off to a good African man so that she can have some beautiful grand kids.

While momma' is determined to get her daughter married off.
Sanaa is determined to lose her virginity to any man walking and that man just happens to be Aden Perry.

Falling for the son of her racially insensitive Boss was never her plans, but somehow they get sucked into each lives which proves to be a series of sadly comical events.

If they can get past their families disapproval of one another, maybe just maybe Sanaa could have the love she deserves.

shutuplilhoe shutuplilhoe Dec 31, 2016
" this is for them 30 somethings that didn't turn out exactly how your MOM and dad wanted you to be‼🤙🏼"
PrinceMeh PrinceMeh 5 days ago
How she go tell her what to do 🤔 she's 30 meaning grown enough to make rational decisions.
ZVRI930 ZVRI930 Jun 25, 2016
And what's up with her mom? She grown as hell. I wouldve you been like girl bye.
ICYM0ET ICYM0ET Oct 12, 2016
This is not okay, but you can't help but to laugh cause he fr means no harm. 😂
seesh12497 seesh12497 Sep 09, 2016
I would of fought George a long time ago 🤔 there is no way
swaEvy swaEvy Oct 09, 2016
When will some people realize that a man doesn't make a woman complete🤔🤔🤔. It's not the 50's dude