†he Gémînî †hüg

†he Gémînî †hüg

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Trevena By Vena_Mulani Updated Jul 24, 2015

"Blood don't make you family, Loyalty does." I said as I shot the bitch I thought was my cousin. She had the nerve to fuck me over, therefore you get a bullet right between your eyes.

My phone started ringing, I answered it without looking. "Speak..." I demanded 

"Let me find out you trying to be like me." Instantly I recognized that croaky husky voice as my dad's 

"Daddy please ain't nobody trying to be like your ugly ass." 

"Yeah okay. You finished your no good ass cousin off." He asked, I could tell he was smirking 

"You know I'm the only one that get the job done." 

"You right clean it up and hurry back home, I don't want to risk anything happening to my baby girl." 

"Yes daddy, I'm already on my way you don't have to worry." 

And that was all that was said before I heard the phone click. Ya'll bout to see a real Gemini thug  in action!!!!!!

I feel this.. They all kno were they been, So d question is were dey going?
Me either I dont show emotions unless its like happy emotions but if u tell me my mama died I would stay quiet cuz crying shows your weakness
Bruh dis girl spit on my valintines I threw a rock at her peanut head
amayedavis amayedavis Jul 20
I don't know why I laughed 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😭😭😭😭😭
Disgirlnae16 Disgirlnae16 Oct 12, 2014
I should not be laughing so hard!!!! But that shid was to funny
ThuggaBish ThuggaBish Sep 17, 2014
I'm liking all the characters they are all strong characters which is a plus