†he Gémînî †hüg [EDITING NOW]

†he Gémînî †hüg [EDITING NOW]

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Trevena By Vena_Mulani Updated Jul 24, 2015

- China Binta Barrie 

My name is China Binta Barrie. Im 5'4, with light blue eyes. I'm a light caramel complexion. I'm African, Jamaican and French. My mom is from Ghana and my Dad is Jamaican and French. I write poetry now and then. My closest friends are Sahila and Jamiyah. Me and Sahila grew up together for so long I remeber the first day we met like it was yesterday. My dad and and her dad are like brothers, we're not blood but like Sahila says "Blood don't make you family, loyalty does," and we've been loyal to the family. On the other hand there's Jamiyah, but I always been on my toes about her she seem iffy. I'm married to the streets because thats where I grew up. My dad taught me every thing I know so these niggahs better not mess up my flow. 

- Jamiyah Jaden Phillips 

Let me explain. My name is Jamiyah Phillips. Originally in from Sweden, my dad is Trinidad and my mom is Sweden. I'm 5'3 brownish yellowish eyes, basically hazel. My complexion is basically brown. I don...

DonJuliokill DonJuliokill Feb 18, 2016
I feel this.. They all kno were they been, So d question is were dey going?
Killa-trymebih Killa-trymebih Jun 27, 2016
Me either I dont show emotions unless its like happy emotions but if u tell me my mama died I would stay quiet cuz crying shows your weakness
Killa-trymebih Killa-trymebih Jun 27, 2016
Bruh dis girl spit on my valintines I threw a rock at her peanut head
amayedavis amayedavis Jul 20, 2016
I don't know why I laughed 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😭😭😭😭😭
Disgirlnae16 Disgirlnae16 Oct 12, 2014
I should not be laughing so hard!!!! But that shid was to funny
ThuggaBish ThuggaBish Sep 17, 2014
I'm liking all the characters they are all strong characters which is a plus