Stay with me

Stay with me

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My dearest althea,

like what I've told you last night, I have never loved and will never love someone as much as I love you. I never imagined that this time will come. I never imagined the I will say goodbye to you, my love. you mean everything to me. you are my first and only love. i can't remember the day we started to stop loving each other. had i known, i never would have allowed it to happen. i would have skipped that day if i could.

love, i am saying goodbye to you now and choosing to hurt myself for the reason that i wouldn't want us to end this with hate and no more love for each other. i am taking with me the love that we once had and the prayer that in time, all the wounds that we have caused each other will heal. i will forver long and dream for your kisses, for the touch of your skin, for the calmness that your voice brings me. i will endure the pain of losing you in the hope that someday, you will find that person that will finally give you the happiness and contentment that you deserve.

please take care of yourself.

i love you. always.





this is not happening.

CTTO of the pic

This is my first attempt at writing. Pls bear with my errors/mistakes. I did not have the time and the talent.  But well, yknow, Rastro. lol.

This is also my first time to go crazy over fictional characters. I want more of em but I guess their network has a different plan. So just like every other (silent) Rebel, I would opt to be here at the great imaginary world of Rastro. 

matured jathea fanfic. 

Here goes nothing...

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RebelsRaStro RebelsRaStro Aug 07, 2016
Uumpisahan ko palang ngayon. At tiyak n tatapusin ko . Isang npakagandang simula! 😉
cristinatkim cristinatkim Feb 11, 2017
Well its a complete story so definitely im just starting this and im not going to comment every chapter its not my thing but don't worry this fist chapter hook me