Mohabbatein (Manan Short Story)

Mohabbatein (Manan Short Story)

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Prologue :- 

Location :- Mumbai

It was early morning a beautiful girl was sitting on a chair remembering her family's sweet moment. But suddenly she remembered some unpleasant memories and got up from her chair and stand near a window. The girl was *******. she was a famous costume designer of Malhotra fashion house.

Girls POV :- I am the ******* ****** for world but no one knows me. It has been 3 years since my baby sister and my fiance ditched me...... She could have told me once she loves him , and i would have happily made her marry him. Life has given me a lot of pain, mom had to hear people talk about our upbringing, It pained me to see her cry and her head hung low. I don't think i will ever be able to forgive her and trust anyone after what ***** did to me. Now after a lot of struggle i finally have become a costume designer at the malhotra's fashion house , and now am all set to design costumes for the famous fab 5. But i have a feeling that may be my life is gonna change forever now.

On the other hand a flight has land from New York to Mumbai. Five people were coming out of it. There was 3 boys & 2 girls were walking with attitude there were fab 5 a musical band come back Mumbai after attending a concert in New York.


So want to know more what is it all about ???

It's a story about a soul who is broken & betrayal by her own baby sister and best friend. so lets see how her broken life get changes after meeting a handsome hunk who falls in love with her in there very own first meet.

Cover credits to @Lost_Soul_in_city 

PS :- plagiarism is a crime. So better don't copy my work, or else culprit will be legally punished by Wattpad authorities. 

[And lastly want to inform you that this book is in Hindi so if you guys prefer English you have wait for till editing.]

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nice character sketch
                              story seems to be different from other stories
azmaanakhwa azmaanakhwa Jun 04
It's a really nice step that u took i really appreciate it 😊😊🖒🖒🖒🖒
Neha249 Neha249 Aug 21
Hey........remember finally I started reading your story ....very excited to read this further...... Loved the concept.......😍😍😍😍😍😍
Hey i cannot see any chapters except for 17 n one more wat to do even after following
Neha249 Neha249 Aug 21
So alya is Nandini's sister I think......... And loved the character sketch.....😘😘😘
suruchi789 suruchi789 Sep 01, 2016
@sweetdreamer009  love , when will you post next part....I am in love with your story....please post soon...💞💞