Creepypasta Roleplay! [Closed]

Creepypasta Roleplay! [Closed]

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Daddy's Gay Boy~ By SoreForEros Updated Sep 28, 2016

[NOW CLOSED by the time being due to some problems of the Author. It will be open once again after the problems had been solved.]

Welcome to the majestic Creepypasta Roleplay book! Read and start Roleplaying all you want whether you use an OC or a canon character! 

It does not matter to me if you're OC is overpowered, a mary-sue, a very weak one. This is a roleplay and you're free to do whatever but please be careful with your OC especially when he | she is very powerful since others might hate on you because of your OC so be careful though. Don't just submit your OC and then roleplay. Think too. 

And please do not hate on others while roleplaying. I don't want any problems happening here. Thank you very much and,

Have fun roleplaying~

QueenArieeeee QueenArieeeee Nov 22, 2016
Question....can we make our own creepypasta. Or...use a Creepypasta thats already made
wolvesrevenge wolvesrevenge Oct 08, 2016
Can consume people in darkness and make them his minion and he can control them and he can make a demon army appear around him in an instant and he can teleport
wolvesrevenge wolvesrevenge Oct 08, 2016
He was bullied and he was mistreated for his whole life and his family abandoned him and he was taken cared of by slenderman who's basically his dad
wolvesrevenge wolvesrevenge Oct 08, 2016
Slenderman (is his best friend) Nina the killer and sonic exe and Jeff the killer
Im laughing so hard rn and I forgot to comment this a long time ago
wolvesrevenge wolvesrevenge Oct 08, 2016
He thinks falling in love is a weakness and his real weakness is when his mask is off his powers fade away until his mask is back on