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Where the Magnolias Grow

Where the Magnolias Grow

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Lakeisha Barnes By LakeishaBarnes Completed

Brielle Jackson and Levi Miller have been friends since they were sixnand we playing pee wee baseball together. Levi is a 6'0, athletic, blonde, fair-skinned, light brown eyed baseball player while Brielle is 5'4 and everything he is except she plays fastpitch softball now, has dark brown eyes and is African American. They're friendship never saw color as a boundary because the status was only that of best friends.        As they grew older they're friendship just grew stronger and growing up in Mississippi, they were surrounded and exposed to many things. They helped each other through many hardship and break ups because it's what best friends do.        Coming out of the senior year, Levi tells Brielle some thing that he didn't know for sure until a week left in their senior year. The very thing that he tells her changes everything about the make up of their friendship. Not only will it test their twelve year friendship they've maintained but Brielle will also learn how to deal with the hardships of an interracial relationship. The fears she has, will not only come to light but will test her true love for Levi and in the end she may have to decide whether or not she can persevere though it or end what she knows in her heart to be true love and a strong friendship. Can she build the strength, courage and perserverance she's learned from the place she's lived her entire life or will it break the strong young woman she became? Will race become a boundary that destroys this friendship and growing love?

God I hate saying I love you...but saying I'm in love with you is ten times harder for me. He's a brave one.
So glad to have found this story, I'm already hooked.  I love that you mentioned Imagine Dragons!
KrispyKremeGirl KrispyKremeGirl Oct 02, 2015
Omg this reminds me of my old best friend. We were friends from like daycare to the 5th grade. He was white too and I used to laugh at him at the time lol.
KekeJones39 KekeJones39 Nov 30, 2014
This story would have ended really quickly if it was me. He's hot ,he actually loves you, you know he you knows you your best friends perfect match  (  side note I find it really rude that they have a lesbian and gay emoji but no interracial couple rude)