The Warriors

The Warriors

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Arrihanna By Arrihanna Updated Aug 17, 2017


second instalment to The Immortals-

Lila wakes up after being in a comatose state for six years. Everything has changed, the demon Octaves is long dead, and the life she had before the "curse" has crumbled to ashes. 

Everything has changed of course, except for her insufferably, attractive mate, Caine. So yes, Caine is sadly still a difficult asshole... But he's trying to be a better mate. Lila decides that she cannot change Caine, but she can accept who is and live with the consequences.

No one ever said it would be easy for her.

Join Lila and Caine in the ongoing adventures of there bumpy relationship. Not to mention almost an entire new pack of warriors, an apartment in Manhattan, and an unavoidable up and coming war with the royals.

Lila almost wishes she had never woken up.


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Rated 14a-M

Content not suited for younger readers
Content may be offensive to some readers
Explicit sexual content

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OliviaMartinez861 OliviaMartinez861 Nov 12, 2017
*Gets tourcher room ready*😑boi you gonna have LOTS of problems when I'm done with you
mikoma2 mikoma2 Dec 17, 2017
Lila is infuriating me as well... Gosh this guy has been trying so hard and what does he get.......... Lila should actually try appreciating his efforts
shayla127 shayla127 Dec 06, 2017
OliviaMartinez861 OliviaMartinez861 Nov 12, 2017
*slowly looks at self in ONLY tank top and joggers*😳😦well...I don't think...😟nvm whatever*sighs*
drikase drikase Dec 29, 2017
_crazybookreader _crazybookreader Aug 24, 2017
Okay I am done reading. The first books and now this book, there has been no progress between them author. It's literally the same game, cat and mouse all day. Either she leaves him or he changes. I'll come back and read this like a year later and see it anything changes.