Forbidden...Love?  A Laurence X Reader Fanfic  *BOOK 1*

Forbidden...Love? A Laurence X Reader Fanfic *BOOK 1*

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♡Hey guys CC here! (CGC)
(I do not own any of these characters they all respectably to Aphmau)^-^
 Enjoy~ Love Ya

You are Garroth's younger sister and you just started high school. You start falling for his friend Laurence...
You have dated one of your brother's friends before...but Laurence 
is also your best friend's brother. You slowly began to feel...
something. Something you can't explain.
You can't love him..but you can't choose who you love.

Sorry if it's bad this is my first story ^~^


I look like Vylad and Garroth bc of Vylads brown hair and Garroths blue eyes...I think I look like Laurance XD
I look more like Zane, I have black hair (no blue eyes tho) and some of my hair always covers my eye.
Wait more like Chris cheating my my best friend cause my best friend boyfriend is beamed Chris! Anyway I don't like Chris and I should shut up
I think vylad cause same eye and hair colour...... but.........
IAmGraceTOLilley IAmGraceTOLilley 2 days ago
Rereading this story makes me realize how far we've gotten......Why does Laurence have to be such a Baka
How is Garroth about 2 months older than me? O.O Am I adopted??