Forbidden...Love?  A Laurence X Reader Story

Forbidden...Love? A Laurence X Reader Story

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CGC1017 By CGC1017 Updated Nov 13, 2016

♡Hey guys CC here! (CGC)
(I do not own any of these characters they all respectably to Aphmau)^-^
The only Characters I own are the OC'S of coarse! Enjoy~ Love Ya
You are Garroth's younger sister and you just started high school. You start falling for his friend Laurence...
You have dated one of your brother's friends before...but Laurence 
is also your best friend's brother. You can't love him..but you can't choose who you love.

YES! (My OC is Garroth, Vlyad, and Zane's older step sister because her father is a werewolf)
Karorina Karorina Jan 17
Thats me when i'm in public.....but i my self also talk really loud so i shouldn't complain.... but i still will .-.
DianaSeada DianaSeada Aug 20, 2016
Zane.....*Sigh* Don't even haven't even hit puberty.. ....yet LOL XD
iiMakaykayii iiMakaykayii Dec 13, 2016
I know this is like way in the future of this chapter but it's so weird because irl my uncle is named Chris...
OMG JUST LIKE MY OC!!!!! (Zane and Luna have almost the same feelong so they became BSFF (I made it up, it says:"Best Sibling Friends Forever") and Zane is overprotective of his OLDER sister)