Do Not Fear The Abnormal, My Dearest. [Error Sans X Reader]

Do Not Fear The Abnormal, My Dearest. [Error Sans X Reader]

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Garbage Queen By megalavonaXreading Updated Jan 02

\Error Sans x Reader/

 What do you think your worst prison would be?
And empty square cube of concrete with nothing but a stiff bed?
 How about, a completely white and vast void.
Absolutely nothing but vast, blinding white.
 Your only memories, ones of nightmares.


 A young hybrid of human and monster.
An abomination one would say.
 A silent female with the ability to morph into a small black and white haired rabbit.
 And she believes she's normal.
For she has only known abnormal 

Once upon a day,
 Error, a Sans abomination is wandering.
When he stumbles upon a,
        Empty space.
He breaks in, unfamiliar with this area of the universe threads.
 Error them finds weak (Y/N) curled up,
Her only warmth her thin clothes.
His first expression is dead, or weak.
   To which he almost leaves her,
       Believing Ink Sans would find her.
           Finding this thought awfully rude,
                He picks up the female and brings her to his Empty AU.

 Unknown to him,
    He found his one and bonely

Undertale_FanPerson Undertale_FanPerson Dec 22, 2016
Wow! You have such a great talent for writing! Amazing! Not a single thing wrong!!
                              JUST WOW!
                              SUCH WOW--