eumoirous / stilinski

eumoirous / stilinski

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jinkies! By bellerose12 Updated Aug 26

@redrobin: you know in my head I imagined my batman would be much less clumsy

@stilinskis: @redrobin yeah and in my head I imagined my robin wouldn't be so rude but life happens

cover by my angel @-noctuaries

^ Okay so I proud of thinking if that immediately after reading that sentence but let me just say holy god instant regret 
                              The pain is unreal
Feeling like a stalker because I've read almost all of your books but oh whale
can i be her sister???? pls i need to look like this too??????
Aichaku Aichaku Aug 06
I waѕ ѕυppoѕed тo looĸ ғor тнe Scoтт McCall ғan ғιcтιon вυт... Iт'ѕ Sтιleѕ, oĸay? I нad тo