||s t o r y s h i f t   A U|| C h a r a x R e a d e r

||s t o r y s h i f t A U|| C h a r a x R e a d e r

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m a y o n n a i s e By SmolToast Updated Aug 31, 2016

*Work In Progress......*

Ever since you were little you heard the tales about that strange mountain that supposedly held monsters captive. Being curious you decide to check it out  and end up finding more than you hoped for...they do say curiosity killed the cat.

(A/N: This is a story based of storyshift AU if i get anything wrong please inform me, also with many request ive decided to continue the story until i finish it)

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                              THE CINNAMON ROLL
                              but less cinnamony
DepressedMJ DepressedMJ Feb 21
For some reason every time I see SS Papyrus, I give him a male interpretation of a female voice.
persononline1324 persononline1324 Dec 27, 2016
If pap is the gate keeper, does that make sans the keymaster?
Whale_King Whale_King Nov 03, 2016
For all the people who are confused let me just say this...
                              THIS BOOK HAS STORYSHIFT IN IT
                              NOT UNDERTALE XD
RoseMGottschalk RoseMGottschalk Oct 22, 2016
What a Diana-saur...
                              But really if I. Could name her actually species and the reason she can't do sh-t by her damn self.
                              Shell be a TREX!
JellyDoesFanfics JellyDoesFanfics Jul 19, 2016
This isn't UnderTale!!! We meet Flowey first!! Then Toriel comes and saves us!! We don't meet Papyrus until AFTER Sans!!