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Infinity Dragon Slayer Fairy Tail x Male Reader

Infinity Dragon Slayer Fairy Tail x Male Reader

5.2K Reads 58 Votes 4 Part Story
Chae By Chaeyu-AceX_X Updated Dec 24, 2016

A little boy name Y/N InfinEnd isn't just ordinary Dragon Slayer but a Infinity Dragon Slayer.
He was brutally abused from his own parents and he got kick out from his family.

When he was asleep and he woke on the forest and a convenient sign said 'middle of nowhere'. So he was so empty inside of his body and soul he wanted to kill himself.

Until a Dragon saw him with empty eyes, everywhere in his body including his own soul. So the Dragon help him to not to kill himself and made him stronger and the Dragon name was Infinist.

Infinist was a great male Dragon with a nice red, blue, black and white scales and he's was kind one too.
That actually change Y/N empty self into a new self that the boy called it happiness.

It was good life for Y/N until one day Infinist was gone and now 11 years past.

Will Y/N will team up with Natsu and Fairy Tail or team with Zeref and restore THE END.

ThongXayphannha ThongXayphannha Nov 28, 2016
Can some of the guys like reader-chan to????😣😣😌😣
I have something you don't have
                              BALLS! And a weewee
A magician never tells his secrets AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH😈
BenTampke BenTampke Jan 23
Do like descriptions ex:
                              There was then a gigantic explosion followed by a muffled "omph".
kingkairothompson kingkairothompson Dec 24, 2016
the fourth wall has been completely obliterated at this point. there is no fixing it