The Sea God's One-Night-Stand (ON HOLD)

The Sea God's One-Night-Stand (ON HOLD)

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Alex Gedgaudas By Alycat1901 Updated Jan 23

How to have your life flip-turned upside down in five easy steps.
⇨1) Find out your long-term boyfriend has been cheating on you with your assistant.
⇨2) Get completely wasted at a charity auction of a wealthy client.
⇨3)Have unprotected sex with a good-looking stranger whose full name you cannot properly pronounce.
⇨4) Find out six weeks later that  too much champagne and lack of birth control was not a good combination.
⇨5) Discover the mysterious father of your unborn child  just happens to be an  immortal son of the legendary sea god, Poseidon.

For twenty-six-year-old Mia Greene, her entire life related to the idea that her world was a rather simple circle of only ordinary things. As she works hard for the wedding company she's desperate to become a partner in, life throws her an unexpected curve-ball when the man she loves utterly betrays her. Throwing herself deeply into her work provides a unique opportunity to score a very big activist as a client who has grand plans for her son's upcoming nuptials. More unfortunate events send Mia into a tailspin of a comforting sexual encounter with a mysterious stranger.

As it becomes clear this alluring new man in her life is much more than meets the eye, Mia discovers that their one-night dalliance left her with a very unexpected consequence; the first half-mortal grandchild for the sea god, Poseidon.

Somehow Mia's biggest problem? The father of her child just happens to be forcefully betrothed to malevolent sea-nymph who does not want any competition for the immortal prince's heart...

Amazing cover by -Verdant-

There are few authors who ask for story ideas though, so there are others who are willing to take recommendations.
XxRiah916Xx XxRiah916Xx Jun 09
GIRLLLL! Do you whatever you want, they mad because they can't wrote like you and think they better; they 👏 ain't 👏 you
He looks like a hot peeping-Tom looking for his next teenage girl.
swazi_nk0si swazi_nk0si Mar 08
Lol 'troll' lol that was good laugh. I'm black and honestly I've never cared as long as the story is great and of u want to do a story with interracial romance then go for it as as its interesting😄
MakenaBlack MakenaBlack Apr 30
You go girl. So them that anyone can do anything if they put there mind to it
Azizahhhhhh Azizahhhhhh Jun 06
More power to you for doing this. From all of the attention its getting, the story seems to be pretty good. Can't wait to read!