A World of Fear [A Heroes of Unelia and Essence Crossover]

A World of Fear [A Heroes of Unelia and Essence Crossover]

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Fear. It comes in many forms. Some choose to ignore it. Some people can't control it. Some people enjoy it. Myself? I know what it's really like.
The moment I walked into that cave with my good friend Beta...I knew it would be an adventure. But I had no idea what the world would have in store for me.
Most people don't know what it's like to experience TRUE fear. But I do. I also know loss. These two are some of the worst emotions you could ever experience. 
And I...I know how it feels. 
So, enjoy this recount of my adventure. Because for me, it was a different experience from what you will feel.
Welcome, to the world of fear.

A Crossover between my own Heroes of Unelia, and my friend @Ivory-the-Meowstic's Essence series. 
- @Ivory-the-Meowstic for Beta, Mason, Anna, Wave, Emerald, Painter, Alphinia, and Unelia (to some degree)
- @ebearskittychan for the Heroes of Dreamland universe.
- @MissPeahen for the cover 
- Nintendo and HAL Laboratory for the Kirby series.
- Pupom for the concept of Fari and for inspiring Ivory.
- kouri (Creator of Ib) for getting me into the horror genre, and for inspiration of certain parts of the story.
(Note: May contain elements not suitable for children)

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