The Rune Between Rivals - Septiplier AU -

The Rune Between Rivals - Septiplier AU -

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Blu By Blu2424 Updated Mar 16

One shapeshifter, one sorcerer- two silly souls and one forbidden friendship. Mark and Jack aren't like any ordinary teenager. Yes, they play video games, stay up late, and act like idiots together - but they are much more than that. No one knows about the two's secret friendship, one that is utterly 'immoral', and they don't let anything get between them- even if their heritage screams at them to hate one another.

Mark is a Mythic. He, along with many others in the world, can shapeshift from human form into his 'true' form- in Mark's case, the majestic Gryphon.

Jack is a Magus; a sorcerer, and very advanced for his age at that. He, as well as all Magi in the world, has been brought up to resent Mythics and kill any he sees on site - but he is extremely unconvinced about the Magi view on Mythics.

Growing up together in secret, Jack and Mark have been through thick and thin- not allowing their bloodline to shake the foundations of their friendship. Until a life-changing event that was thought impossible thrusts them both into a world of lies, concealment and danger. 

Nothing can come between their unbreakable bond... right?

•Rated mature as there could be some scenes of a violent nature•

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Mefwaz1234 Mefwaz1234 Feb 15
Awesome. I make some sketches. Maby we could work together some day.
SophiaKitty101 SophiaKitty101 Apr 20, 2017
I seriously can't get over how amazing you are at writing!!! Omg!
Omfg the human sketch against the griffin sketch
                              I'M WhezZiNG
PartyPandaCat PartyPandaCat Sep 03, 2017
First sentence and I'm already voting for every chapter, now. You are the second person to do that. You are talented. Very, talented.
KarelByome90 KarelByome90 Jul 11, 2017
Something bad is is gonna happen! I just know it! This is marks father soo.. touchy subject...
Magdragon Magdragon Oct 26, 2017
*gos to the batman theme song* Da DA DA DA DA DA DA DA CATJACK!!!