Boy in LOVE || EREN X READER || Modern AU

Boy in LOVE || EREN X READER || Modern AU

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Eren Jaeger had always focused on his studies to reach his goal to become part of a lawyer agency. However,  F/n L/n saves him from an accident that almost had him terribly injured. All of a sudden his heart starts racing whenever she's around him. What is this feeling?

[Story based off BTS Boy in Luv]

I do not own Attack on Titan or the song this story is based off. Please DO NOT repost WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Any art used in the cover does NOT belong to me.

Titania616 Titania616 Jan 21
This is the modernized version of Attack on Titan. I already classified that.
Kittyclawgal Kittyclawgal Sep 11, 2016
OMG I LUV DIS SONG!!! ITS STUCK IN MY HEAD AND WONT GET OUT!!! Not like I have a problem with that.
mynamesMissA mynamesMissA Oct 01, 2016
lil_anime_chic lil_anime_chic Oct 02, 2016
Little coconut head (///▽///) he's my little coconut head😘
I always think of that tv show Ned's School Survival Guide whenever i hear coconut head😂
Katy_Ackerman Katy_Ackerman 6 days ago
Literally was listening to that song as you said it was based off of it 😂😂