You're mine now (Teacher! Yandere x Reader)

You're mine now (Teacher! Yandere x Reader)

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Autumn Wolf Flower By AutumnWolf20 Updated Sep 12, 2016

I have to give credit to NanaTillman123 (Check out their stories) for the idea. They created a title for a Teacher! Yandere x Reader and I got an idea for it. I changed the name a bit. This will be part of my forbidden love category, I have another book for the forbidden love go check it out if you want.

Any and all pictures and videos don't belong to me, unless otherwise said. Credit to their respective owners. 

Y/N is a new transfer student from a America. She came to Japan because of a trial thing that her school and the Japanese school she'll be attending set up. She feels lost at her new school, but she makes some friends that help her and say that they'll protect her. She trusts them with her life.

One of her teachers happens to gain feelings towards her, even though he shouldn't. Y/N makes the mistake of trusting him with her life too when he treats her nicely. She catches on to what he is and is stuck between trusting him and running to her friends because of her feelings. What will she do when she trusts this man too much? What will she do when she finds out the truth about everyone's lives?

QueenOfReferences QueenOfReferences Dec 28, 2016
Yep. His name is Tomas (pronounced Toe-mas). I use that name for everything.
BellePlaysGamez BellePlaysGamez 5 days ago
I have 2 younger brothers, so I'm using my youngest brothers name, because it sounds more like him ^-^
i have 5 brothers 4 are younger and, 1 is my age.They are annoying
EmmsieBear EmmsieBear Dec 09, 2016
What if you have two parents but neither on of then is a womon
_-Memeow_Kitty-_ _-Memeow_Kitty-_ Aug 31, 2016
That doesn't sound to safe.. I'm sorry.. It's just my crazy messed up imagination.. X3
ikram-chan ikram-chan Dec 20, 2016
I SEE YOU COME I WATCH YOU GO, YOU NEVER SEEM TO LEAVE ME THOUGH *sings the rest of the OHSHC theme song bee loudly*