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NetflixNChilll By NetflixNChilll Updated Oct 09, 2016

CornHub but without the porn...just corn. Toootally normal :)

Warning: If you are not a dirty minded person like me then you can go. This is a very cringey book but I don't care hahaah (lol this book is cancer)

Started: 6/25/16(June 25,2016) 
Time:Around like 6:00 pm idrc

JustaNobod144 JustaNobod144 Nov 12, 2016
I'm here to read this since u asked me to n I'm scared....:/ lol
harts-- harts-- Aug 12, 2016
This was your old username
                              Omg in almost every book I read on her I saw your hilarious comments 😂😂😂😂
OriginalCornHub OriginalCornHub Nov 23, 2016
This is ridiculous. You ACTUALLY have a book called corn hub!?
Riarkle4lyfe Riarkle4lyfe Jun 27, 2016
Don't know why the hell this is in my recommendations list...but w.e
BubbleBalloons67 BubbleBalloons67 Sep 19, 2016
lmao i see u on every lucaya story i read and u are funny as hell
goofychild goofychild Jun 28, 2016
Somebody reported me and then suddenly I couldn't log into my wattpad account wtf!