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"You think you know, but you don't know. We're here to expose her for what she really is--a monster."

Hollywood is full of secrets and not everyone is as they seem. Sometimes the truth can be skewed and the world, completely fooled. Two sisters, Lindsay and Lorraine Goodrem, attempt to unmask actress and singer Marquilla Guzman's secrets by writing a blog about her to not only help her boyfriend, international global star Jason Flamel, get out of their dodgy relationship, but to show the world just how conniving the songstress can be. The secret to their fullproof sources? Lindsay posing as her new personal assistant.

Inspired by/based on the blog ExposingSMG, and cover by the incredibly talented @avionsundays

uneffusive uneffusive Jun 26
This is so different already! And I'm excited to see what you have planned for all of this :)))
helena-rae helena-rae Jul 23
This literally sounds really good so far (: I like the little tiny twists that you've added like the guy is the victim this time and the girl is a "bad girl" instead of having a "bad boy" lead. I really like that
Mo_Linguish Mo_Linguish Aug 19
I like the premise, however,being exposed as a bad person wouldn't necessarily end her career. In fact, it could boost it by keeping her in the spot light. People love to hate people, especially celebrities.
Ooo! In most books you always see the woman as the abuse victim, so it interesting that you've decided to turn the tables on that. Excited!! Also never read the ExposingSMG blog, but I was just skimming over it and it seems pretty interesting
When your a ExposingSmg reader and you're really excited. ☺️☺️
lol. i'm an avid reader of ExposingSMG. :) and i'm thrilled to what you're going to do for this story. oh em gee.. can't wait. xD