The Sensai's Unkillable Daughter (Assassination Classroom) Karma X OC

The Sensai's Unkillable Daughter (Assassination Classroom) Karma X OC

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PandaPolitician By PandaPolitician Updated Jan 22

A mysterious girl transfers to E-class, she is almost too good at stealth and close combat. How is this possible? Who is she? And why is she always the first there and the last to leave? Are many questions the students ask each other but only her and the octopus know... Despite how suspicious she is she seems to have taken a liking to Karma, and him to her.

This story I think I will make it slightly differ from the original plot, including some bits but making them my own. I will not go with the original ending and it is still yet to be figured out.


Blue_Vader Blue_Vader Jul 02
Yea that always how some people feel when your a new student but then 
                              You go to the closet  1 secound later and you start crying saying you can't do this
Aww. Such a heart felt story LOL, but still this is my favorite story out of all the other stories I read.
Hitomi.............? Sounds so familiar............. Wasn't there a similar name in Code Breaker?
OXLeviXo OXLeviXo Dec 26, 2016
I don't mean to spoil anything so don't scroll if you don't want them
                              Will that be updated later or are you changing the story? Because he wasn't always like that, just asking
Ah I just got confused as I was listening to my friend while writing and he said that to someone so I wrote it down by accident and I've never been that good at that for some reason ;-;
You see I put that there so I can do more with the story and currently I'm re writing it so I don't know if I will keep it. But I meant to put him as from before but I wasn't sure how to word it and I didn't want to spoil anything for anyone.