Rhythm Of Fate (HunterXHunter Fanfiction)

Rhythm Of Fate (HunterXHunter Fanfiction)

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The Waystone By TheWaystone Updated Apr 07

ғᴀᴛᴇ ʜᴀs ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs ʙᴇᴇɴ ᴀ ᴄʀᴜᴇʟ ᴍɪsᴛʀᴇss.
"But I'll challenge the god's to set things right."
  Another cliche? Maybe. Don't believe me? That's quite alright. Unless you want the tale of a dead myth, feel free to move along, my weary traveler.

The child of a highly-esteemed Music Hunter. Once loved and praised, now brought low with shame and hatred. The past is full of memories that can't be confronted just yet, if she wants to make things right.
  The only way to eradicate them is with power; a fantasy she clings to as her only chance out. Why wouldn't she take the Hunter's Exam? It's a perfect opportunity.

  It's an escape she won't admit to save her pride.
 Taking the Exam for her own greed seems reasonable. But four boys challenge her doctrines and turn her world inside out, her thoughts on cloud, and her escape into a reckless adventure. And under their teachings, she realizes that she doesn't have to ignore the monsters to become stronger.
  (This is a HunterXHunter fanfic circled around my OC {{I know right, ew I have an OC}}. This follows the 2011 series {{1999 parts too lmao}} and it's just a story about a person trying to just. . .figure out life. Please accompany a young and inexperienced child as she takes on the world for the first time; sampling all sorts of wacky stuff {{not drugs ew, stay in school kiddos}} like friendship, mystery, awkward social confusion, family issues, the tiniest hint of romance CAUSE YOU GOTTA aannnnd yeah.)

What's the difference between a Villain, a Hero and a Legend?

One can't survive without another.

One is successful without the other.

One doesn't belong to either category; why classify a phenomenon?

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I’ve forgotten how beautiful this story is and how lovely the imagery is, I’m so happy I’ve come back to it to re-read.
StellarHime StellarHime Mar 18, 2017
This is very unique and different. I'm excited to find out what's going on and what you have in store. I enjoyed how you put a lot of depth in the backstory and kept me interested with each new paragraph. ♡
Fuckmesenpai Fuckmesenpai Jul 27, 2017
heeeeeeeeey The Waystone 5/5 tots eat there again with my mates
MistressKira MistressKira Oct 01, 2017
OMG. I'm getting goosebumps while reading this.. And I love it!
littlebeanelf littlebeanelf Aug 21, 2017
S o much rhymes and literature it's amazing!! I've never read such a descriptive fan fiction before!! It's like I'm reading an old adventure book and I'm able to see everything!!
Noah-sama Noah-sama Oct 23, 2017
Love it 
                              You're great 😀 it's been a long time since i read something like this... after long day it also made my day 😁